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2022 June


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Ulcerative colitis

Essentials of Dx: ulcerative colitis Bloody diarrhea. Lower abdominal cramps and fecal urgency. Anemia, low serum


Johannes Andreas Grib Fibiger

April 23rd He was a Danish pathologist who received the Nobel Prize for Physiology or


Sir Bernard Katz

March 26th German-born British physiologist who elucidated how nerve cells transmit signals to muscles. Although


Jonas Salk

June 23rd American Jewish doctor and medical researcher born in New York who developed the


Feodor Lynen

April 6th German biochemist who shared (with Konrad Bloch) the 1964 Nobel Prize for Physiology


Charles Manning Child

February 2nd American zoologist known for work on sensitivity and reactivity of animal organisms, but


Lydia Maria DeWitt (née Adams)

February 1st She was an American experimental pathologist who investigated the chemotherapy of tuberculosis. Prior

Daily News


Differential Dx: vitiligo Vitiligo usually presents with larger periorificial and acral lesions and is also characterized


Charles V. Chapin

January 31st Died 31 Jan 1941 at age 85 (born 17 Jan 1856). American medical doctor and epidemiologist who,


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