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2022 June


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Hilary Koprowski

January 5th Born 5 Dec 1916; died 11 Apr 2013 at age 96. Polish virologists and immunologists who


William K. Estes

June 17th Born June 17, 1919; died on August 17, 2011 at the age of


Ananda Chakrabarty

April 4th Indian-American biochemist who patented the first genetically engineered life-form (U.S. No. 4,259,444) which


Joseph G. Hamilton

February 18th Died 18 Feb 1957 at age 49 (born 11 Nov 1907). Joseph Gilbert Hamilton changed into an


Wilhelm Friedrich Kühne

March 28th Was a German physiologist known for his researches on vision and the chemical


Martinus Willem Beijerinck

March 16th Born 16 Mar 1851; died 1 Jan 1931 at age 79. Dutch botanist who turned into


Mary Douglas Leakey

February 6th English archaeologist and paleoanthropologist (née Nicol) who madeseveral of the most important fossil finds subsequently interpreted

Daily News

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC)

Differential Dx: Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) – a malignant tumor of the skin arising from basal


Leonard Colebrook

March 2nd English medical researcher who introduced the use of Prontosil, the first sulfonamide drug,


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