Christian Boehmer Anfinsen

March 27th

Born 26 Mar 1916; died 14 May 1995 at age 79.

American biochemist who (with Stanford Moore and William H. Stein) obtained the 1972 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for studies at the form and number one shape of ribonuclease (the enzyme that hydrolyses RNA). Ribonuclease is made from a unmarried peptide (a molecule which includes  or greater amino acid molecules joined with the aid of using a peptide bond) chain folded right into a sphere certain collectively with the aid of using 4 disulphide bonds. These bonds may be damaged down in order that the enzyme turns into denatured (collapses), dropping all of its enzyme properties. Anfinsen discovered that its form and therefore its enzymatic energy might be restored, and concluded( that ribonuclease need to keep all the data approximately its configuration inside its amino acids.

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