Rosalyn S. Yalow

July 19th

Born on July 19, 1921; died May 30, 2011 at the age of 89.

Rosalyn Sussman Yalow was an American biophysicist who shared the 1977 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, making her the second woman to win the prize. Nobel Prize in medicine, “for the development of radioimmuno tests of peptide hormones.” The RIA has brought about a revolution in biological and medical research. Together with her colleagues, she applied RIA to study the physiology of the peptide hormones insulin, ACTH, and growth hormone, and also to elucidate the pathogenesis of diseases caused by abnormal secretion of these hormones. this hormone. This is a pioneering work that opens a new direction for diabetes research. She has been called the “Madame Curie of the Bronx..”


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