Stamen Grigorov

October 27th

Born 27 Oct 1878; died 27 Oct 1945 at age 67.

Bulgarian health practitioner and microbiologist who found Lactobacillus bulgaricus in 1905, the rod-fashioned microorganism that reasons fermentation of yogurt. This is one in every of now numerous recognised micro organism which, through a fermentation method, convert the lactose sugar in milk into lactic acid. The method produces yogurt’s thickened texture with a tart and bitter flavor. He posted an essential paper (1906) approximately the primary use of penicillin fungi to combat tuberculosis. In Le Press Medical, he defined his trials of vaccine with rabbits. During World War I, he found that infantrymen that were ingesting moldy bread did now no longer agreement cholera. This indicated any other use for a penicillin vaccine, which stored masses of infantrymen’ lives.

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