Daniel Nathans

October 31st

Born 31 Oct 1910; died 6 Dec 1981 at age 71.

American psychologist who studied the social behaviour and improvement of monkeys. His studies withinside the regions of learning, motivation, and affection prolonged knowledge in wellknown human and infant psychology. He experimented with 6-12 hours antique little one monkeys separated from their moms then furnished with an inanimate substitute “mother” made both of twine mesh or material presenting warm temperature and food. However, as adults, those disadvantaged monkeys exhibited ordinary behavioral patterns. Some women have been negligent as moms that did now no longer nurse or consolation their young. The different moms have been abusive, biting or injuring their young, even once in a while inflicting the baby’s death. In 1967, he become provided the National Medal of Science.

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