Albert Hofmann

April 29th

Swiss pharmacologist who found LSD (-lysergic acid diethylamide). For his doctoral thesis he studied the chemical shape of chitin. Working for the pharmaceutical-chemical branch of Sandoz Laboratories he studied the plant squill and the fungus ergot for the purification and synthesis in their lively materials as viable pharmaceuticals. He firstly synthesised LSD-25, lysergic acid, the critical shared element of ergot alkaloids, in 1938. Hofmann persisted to observe lively materials in herbal products. On sixteen April 1943, due to unintentional pores and skin touch with the substance at the same time as dealing with its container, he found the psychedelic results of LSD. Illegal use withinside the 1960’s caused its international prohibition. He died elderly 102 yr. Died 29 Apr 2008 at age 102 (born 11 Jan 1906).

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