Benjamin Spock

May 2nd

Born 2 May 1903; died 15 Mar 1998 at age 94.

Benjamin McLane Spock was an American pediatrician whose books influenced generations of parents worldwide. After earning his medical degree he spent some time as a resident in pediatrics. Then he decided he should add psychological training to improve his skills in that field, which he subsequently regarded as having been important during his life in the development of his ideas. He began writing his first book in 1943, intending to depart from the rigidity of conventional wisdom and empower more common-sense. It was published as Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care in 1946. It sold more than four million copies in its first six years, and was eventually translated into many languages, including Urdu, Thai and Tamil. Over the years, he made revisions to reflect new insights. He was also known for campaigning for nuclear disarmament and antiwar protests.

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