Charles-Édouard Brown-Séquard

April 8th

Born 8 Apr 1817; died 1 Apr 1894 at age 76.

A French physiologist and neurologist who was a pioneer in endocrinology and neurophysiologists. He was one of the first to study spinal physiology. In 1849 he discovered that sensory fibers, rather than exercise, crossed in the spinal cord. Cutting from one side in the middle of the umbilical cord causes paralysis on the same side of the body, but anesthesia on the other side of the cut. He also studied the physiological effects of injecting gonad extract. In 1856 he discovered that the adrenal glands were essential. He later showed that “internal secretions” (ie hormones) function as a means of communication between cells of the body secondary to the nervous system “1891”.

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