Charles V. Chapin

January 31st

Died 31 Jan 1941 at age 85 (born 17 Jan 1856).

American medical doctor and epidemiologist who, with Gardner T. Swarts, hooked up the primary municipal bacteriological laboratory withinside the U.S. (1888) in Providence, Rhode Island. As Superintendent of Health of Providence for forty eight years from 1884, he compiled epidemiological records of incredible accuracy and completeness. He decided from subject research and information that infectious sicknesses had been unfold withinside the region’s temperate weather with the aid of using easy private contact. In 1910, he hooked up Providence City Hospital wherein infectious sickness companies might be remoted beneathneath aseptic nursing conditions. His achievement pioneered comparable fitness manage measures at some stage in the U.S. He wrote The Sources and Modes of Infection (1910).

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