Gerhard Domagk

April 24th

German bacteriologist and pathologist who become provided the 1939 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for his discovery (introduced in 1932) of the antibacterial outcomes of Prontosil, the primary of the sulfonamide drugs. This prize become provided no matter the truth that the Nazi authorities intervened and knowledgeable the Nobel awarding committee in Sweden that the prize become now no longer wanted. (Hitler have been enraged with the committee’s award of the Peace Prize to a German in a attention camp.) Domagk become arrested two times at gunpoint via way of means of his authorities, interrogated and imprisoned. He then refused to simply accept the prize, the primary refusal with inside the records of the awards. After the autumn of Hitler, in 1947, become capable of visit Stockholm and take delivery of the prize. Died 24 Apr 1964 at age 68 (born 30 Oct 1895).

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