Gregory Pincus

April 9th

Born 9 Apr 1903; died 22 Aug 1967 at age 64.

Gregory (Goodwin) Pincus is an American endocrine and metabolite, and research into the infertility properties of steroids has led to the development of the first effective oral contraceptive, the oral contraceptive. In 1934, Pincus made a national headline by performing in vitro fertilization of rabbits. The public was not ready for the test tube baby’s vision. Instead of fame, he gained fame. As a result, he relocated a small independent laboratory. So he did applied research, especially on steroids. In 1953 he was asked to develop a new method of contraception. He focused on the use of progesterone as an effective anti-ovulatory agent and showed that it could be a good contraceptive. In 1960, a synthetic progesterone drug for contraception was approved.

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