John Hunter

February 13th

Born 13 Feb 1728; died 16 Oct 1793 at age 65.

Scottish anatomist, health care professional and pathologist who turned into an early advise of research and experimentation, and a founding father of pathological anatomy in England. He made many essential research in comparative components of biology, anatomy, physiology, and pathology. Hunter’s vast pastimes protected the development of dentistry, observations on inflammation, remedy of gun-wounds and a few paintings on venereal diseases. In 1764, he installation his personal anatomy faculty in London, and turned into elected a fellow of the Royal Society (five Feb 1767). Following his appointment as health care professional to King George III (1776) he have become deputy health care professional to the British Army (1786) and turned into made Surgeon General in (1789). He turned into a more youthful brother of William Hunter, the anatomist.

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