Joseph G. Hamilton

February 18th

Died 18 Feb 1957 at age 49 (born 11 Nov 1907).

Joseph Gilbert Hamilton changed into an American clinical physicist who pioneered withinside the clinical makes use of and fitness outcomes of radioactive isotopes. On 23 Mar 1936, he injected intraveneously a sodium radioisotope right into a leukemia patient. His New York Times obituary said that he changed into “believed to be the primary ever to inject a radioisotope intravenously in a human being.” He have become an M.D. in 1936. He diagnosed the usefulness of radioiodine to examine and deal with thryroid disease. During WW II, he changed into worried with the Manhattan Project analyzing the organic outcomes of the ingestion of plutonium and different fission products. From 1948, Hamilton changed into Director of the Crocker Laboratory, which had a 60-inch cyclotron for nuclear research.

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