Melanocytic Nevi (Normal Moles) – CMDT 2022

Benign mole:

  • Small (less than 6 mm) macule or papule
  • Well-defined border
  • Homogeneous beige or pink to dark brown pigment
  • Represent benign melanocytic growths

Junctional nevi:

  • Early in life
  • Often appear as flat
  • Small, brown lesions
  • Nevus cells are at the junction of the epidermis and dermis

Compound nevi:

  • Overtime
  • They enlarge and often become raised
  • Reflect the appearance of a dermal component


  • May darken and grow during pregnancy.
  • Most moles have lost their junctional component and dark pigmentation as the white patients enter their eighth decade


  • Normal moles: well-demarcated, symmetric, and uniform in contour and color at every stage of life,
  • Regular mole screening: not an evidence-based recommendation for all adults


Source: CURRENT Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2022 / Page No: 125 – PIGMENTED LESIONS

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