Sir Alexander Fleming

March 11th

Died 11 Mar 1955 at age 73 (born 6 Aug 1881).

Scottish bacteriologist who observed penicillin. In 1928, at the same time as running on influenza virus, he located that mildew had advanced accidently on a staphylococcus tradition plate and that the mold had created a bacteria-unfastened circle round itself. He experimented in addition and he discovered that a mildew tradition avoided increase of staphylococci, even if diluted 800 times. The energetic substance, which he named penicillin, initiated the fantastically powerful exercise of antibiotic remedy for infectious diseases. Fleming shared the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1945 with Ernst Boris Chain and Howard Walter Florey, who both (from 1939) endured Fleming’s work.

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