Still waiting to return are medical students enrolled in Chinese universities. 

NEW DELHI: Indian students who are enrolled in medical institutions in China are still waiting to travel back after their studies were stalled by Covid-19.  

They are in talks with their universities to receive no-objection certificates which can enable them to use for visas. The new session begins in China by August-end and also the students hope to travel back and complete their studies, particularly the practicals pending now for two and half years.  

In May, students from across the country staged a protest at Jantar Mantar seeking the government’s intervention to assist them to return to China or to permit them to try and do their practicals at institutes in India  

Ridhi Gupta, a student of Xi’an Jiaotong University, was in her second year of studies when she returned from China following the Covid outbreak. “We told the university that our rules require a no-objection certificate from them for us to use for a visa,” said Gupta. “But anyway, it doesn’t seem like we are going to return before November.”  

Gupta had an online course, but no internship. 2016/17 class also without internship he completed his MBBS course for 6 years. “For so many semesters, we only had online internships. I fear that this lack of practical guidance will invalidate our degrees,” said Akshara, who studies at Harbin Medical University. Told.   

In July, a spokesman for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed that it was working to repatriate Indian students. India’s Foreign Minister V. Muraleedharan also promised to keep in touch with China on the issue.   

His Rachita Kurmi, who is now promoted to his senior year at Shandong University, said: However, a small number of Indian students with NOCs are not medical students. The university seems to be collecting details, but priority is given to Chinese scholarship students when it comes to returning home.”  

Before the pandemic, there were about 23,000 Indian students in Chinese universities. Many people are tempted to study in this country because medical education is cheap there. 


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