William Williams Keen

January 19th

Born 19 Jan 1837; died 7 Jun 1932 at age 95.

American medical doctor who changed into the primary mind general practitioner withinside the U.S. In 1887, at St. Mary’s Hospital in Philadelphia, Keen achieved the primary a success elimination of a mind tumor withinside the U.S. He changed into the primary medical doctor to carry out a decompression of the cranium and additionally the primary medical doctor in Philadelphia to apply Lister’s antiseptic surgical practices. His hobbies protected focal epilepsy and microcephaly. Keen edited Gray’s anatomy in 1883 and wrote severa articles and monographs. Keen assisted the American general practitioner Joseph Bryant in casting off the left higher jaw of U.S. president Grover Cleveland (1893) for a malignant tumour.

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